Domain Pricing

Now we're talking smart business.

When you purchase a domain with us, we want you to have the best domain name possible for your business. It is a very important decision to choose the correct domain to fit your business and services. We do not rent domains to our customers, we give you the full ownership of the domain. As well as this, we offer email addresses attached to the domain, so you can have or The benefits of having an email address linked with your domain is the fact it's quick, simple and easy to remember. And we can direct all incoming emails to your already existing email address so you can keep using the systems you are comfortable with.

Top Level Domains

When you purchase a Top Level Domain (, or the cost to take the full ownership of the domain is a one-off payment in which is recommended by the auDA.

Hosting Payments

Pacific Domains does not ask for any further costs or ongoing fees regarding the price paid at the point of sale which is subject to negotiation. The only other charge incurred with Pacific Domains is if the domain has not been transferred from our server. If the domain is to stay with us, and not be transferred to your hosting provider, we ask for an annual hosting fee of $50 +GST per domain.