Why Use Domains Instead Of Marketing Campaigns

We have all been there and tried marketing companies and their special offers that will get you ranking first on Google. Unfortaunately, a lot of us have been bitten by these companies who promise the world and return less than desirable results. Our Directors have been working with the best in the industry & have come up with one of the most effective algorithm processes that actually get your company ranking higher on Google for the search phrase.

How do we get your business ranking? Through the power of Top Level Domains (TLD)! We are members of the auDA (.au Domain Administration) and in which we are notified when TLD's become available. We offer these back to ACTUAL businesses in the area and not marketing companies. So basically, we cut out the middle man to help the small businesses succeed. And hey, I know your business is everything but small, and that's why we are here to give you back the control to give you a fighting chance to win against the biggest competition in your industry.

What we do is register the domain in your business name, and unlike anybody else, we give you the full ownership of the domain. We do not rent TLD, but instead give them back as a full ownership so marketing companies cannot hit you with highly unrealistic figures to secure your domain, just because another company offered them more money for it. YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR DOMAIN WITH US. THAT'S OUR GUARANTEE.

Take a look at our services and call the office to find out more. We offer obligation free quotes so jump on board today!